Friday, February 3, 2012

Standing Up, Speaking Up - Together The Sound of Reason Grows Louder

Youngstown, Ohio - On Thursday, February 2, 2012, a group of concerned Youngstown citizens and panelists held a lively open public town hall style informational meeting to discuss and answer audience questions about the recent 4.0 magnitude Youngstown area earthquake, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) associated with shale gas drilling, and brine toxic waste injection wells. The meeting took place at The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown.
There were  presentations on geologic formations and activity in the area of the injection wells, personal stories of health destroyed by nearby gas drilling, and an explanation of the mechanisms for wrenching back local control from invasive industries running roughshod over citizenry. Representative Bob Hagan described efforts to reign in the oil and gas industry in Ohio via a use of some elements of Innovation Ohio, a sometimes critical group that reports on the actions of Governor Kasich. Innovation Ohio released their report the same day, it can be read/downloaded here as a 16pp PDF.
Rep. Hagan reminded his listeners that lawmakers need both the prodding and the support of a population that also rises up en mass on its hind legs and reasserts its right to clean water, air and land, to human rights of a clean environment, to jobs that don't kill, and protection for a natural world that has only us to speak for it.

Who will speak for the earth?

February 3 article on Rep. Hagan's proposed legislation
Go to 38:00 minutes in the Feb. 3 podcast discussion on local radio of the town hall
Coverage on WYTV local

Some of the Youngstown Seven Blockaders recorded and answered questions

Some of the Youngstown Seven Blockaders participated (refresher on their Actions here)

signing in to work on local control ideas

one of the info tables, fact sheets, geological charts

packed town hall - ran out of seats

lively community meeting full of sharing, & building
Look for the next events of  Frackfree Mahoning on their calendar HERE.

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