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Halt Immediately Well Fracking in Meander Creek Resevoir Drinking Water Area of Mahoning & Trumbull Counties, Ohio

Frackfree America National Coalition News Release
For Immediate Release: March 5, 2013
Contact: Susie Beiersdorfer or Jane Spies, M.S. Ed.: Phone: 234- 201-8007
or E-mail: frackfreeamerica@gmail.com

Frackfree America National Coalition (based in Youngstown, Ohio) Calls For an Immediate Halt To Upcoming Scheduled Fracking at the Cadle Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing Well (MAHN7) Located in The Protected Drinking Water Area of Meander Reservoir, Which Serves Hundreds of Thousands of Local Residents. Frackfree America Cites E-mails That Apparently Indicated a 4’ tear in the 20" casing during the cementing process at the Well in October, 2012. Previous Reported Violations of the Well Drilling Company is Also Part of the Group’s Concern. Frackfree America Members Will Take Their Concerns to Columbus, Ohio Officials on Wednesday, March 6, 2013.

Youngstown, Ohio – 3/5/13 - Concerned citizens of Frackfree America National Coalition (based in Youngstown, Ohio) will take their issues, especially an urgent matter related to the apparent upcoming fracking in the Meander Reservoir groundwater source protection area, to Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday, March 6, 2013, as part of Legislator Accountability Day.

Frackfree America National Coalition members will present information to Representative Ronald V. Gerberry, Senator Joe Schiavoni, and other officials about the protected Meander Reservoir drinking water area, which serves over 200,000 people in local communities including Youngstown, Niles, and Austintown.

Susie Beiersdorfer, M.S., a co-founder of Frackfree America National Coalition said, “The fracking in Meander is an urgent concern, especially in light of an e-mail exchange that we found on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) website referring to a “20" casing failure” in October, 2012. We are calling for an immediate halt to operations in the protected drinking water area of Meander Reservoir at least until this can be clarified, and reported violations of CNX Gas Co LLC. can be examined. [See “StateImpact Pennsylvania” link below for violation reports]. The public health and safety of the families and community must be number one. It is astonishing to us that this permit to frack in this area was even allowed in the first place. We need ODNR and local officials to act proactively to prevent another similar instance to the recent illegal dumping of fracking-
related waste that contaminated the Mahoning River. Our stance is that fracking must be stopped, in general, as it cannot be done safely with the technology as it stands today.”

Frackfree America says that if the state or drillers say the well casing problem has been corrected, the public needs to see the proof, and independent, qualified, scientific experts need to evaluate and verify its claimed safety.

In addition, the following excerpt found on the ODNR website from an e-mail labeled as by Pete Nickel dated October 13, 2012, needs to be explained thoroughly and clearly in a public forum. (Please see the entire e-mail message thread at http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/mineral/oil/MRMImages/18/1/228343.pdf ):

[Excerpt follows: Starts at page 2 of 3 in PDF report]

“From: Nickel, Pete
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2012 12: 10 PM


“…The mud pumps were brought on line at 20 spm and then up to 40 spm (2 and 4 bpm) to fill the casing. Pressure was reading 0 psi.
Approximately 5-6 bbl was pumped with pressure reading 0 psi when the 20" casing failed causing an ~4' vertical split in the casing at GL. When the 20" split, it impacted the 30" conductor outside of it and put a horizontal crack in a weld ~10" long.
20",94#, J-55 casing is rated to 2110 psi burst, so it would be assumed that the pressure was higher than 2110 psi, although we have no record of the actual pressure because it was determined after the failure that the pressure transducer for mud pump 2 was not functioning.
John Fleming was on site and inspected the split casing.
The plan going forward, with ODNR approval, we will bring Weatherford Wireline out to run a 3 arm caliper and a CBL to evaluate
10/ 15/2012
• . ' . Page 3 of3
the condition of the 20" and the cement. John Fleming will be contacted to witness the job in 6-8 hrs when Weatherford is expected. Once the caliper and bond log are run, we will evaluate and discuss with ODNR to come up with a plan going forward.
Pictures of casing attached.
Pete Nickel
Horizontal Rig Manager--CPA Ops “ […]

Frackfree America says that this Meander scenario illustrates why local control, rather than state control, is essential for communities to protect public health and safety in local neighborhoods and to protect drinking water, air, and land.

In fact, the group just received word that the required number of Youngstown registered voter signatures have been validated, so that a question about a local control Community Bill of Rights will appear on the May 7 ballot.

The group says it is wrong that nobody officially asked the local Youngstown-area community and families whether or not they wanted to accept the risks related to fracking and related processes in a protected drinking water area.

Frackfree America says that the community, local officials, and first responders have the right to protect their drinking water source from threats of contamination. Furthermore, they must be immediately and effectively notified when leaks, spills, pollution, or illegal dumping occur so that they can implement a preparedness plan. (See Bearkamp orphan well information below)

For more information please see:

E-mails cited above can be found at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) website at the following url:
(accessed: March 5, 2013)

See also:
Request Ohio Governor Revoke CNX’s Drilling Permit #34099231830000” at:


For information by StateImpact Pennsylvania (per website’s “About” section: “…a collaboration between WITF, WHYY and NPR.” ) regarding violations of CNX Gas Co LLC. See: http://stateimpact.npr.org/pennsylvania/drilling/operators/cnx-gas-co-llc/ (accessed 3/5/13)

Regarding the leak above a PA drinking water reservoir, please see:
“Drilling leak leads to violation notice”, by Timothy Puko, August 1, 2012, Tribune-Review:

[See Url and Excerpt below from EPA website RE: "Bearkamp Orphan Well Plug Ellsworth, OH - EPA Region V"]
"In October 2011, the ODNR, Division of Mineral Resources Management requested assistance with the evaluation of and potential funding for plugging a leaking orphan oil well discharging crude oil to Meander Creek. The orphan well is located within three feet of the bank of the creek and in the near floodplain. Meander Creek flows into the Meander Creek Reservoir."

Drinking water information for “Youngstown: Mahoning Valley Sanitary District (Meander Reservoir)” can be found at the website titled,”Mahoning River Watershed, The Mahoning River Education Project – Drinking Water” at:

See a previous release that discussed Meander drinking water issues, “Statement: Open Letter” by Frackfree Mahoning Valley to Mayor Charles Sammarone and Youngstown City Council: September 18, 2012” :

Please see: “Drilling commences at Mahoning County well Opponents decry location, September 14, 2012, by Brenda J. Linert, The Tribune Chronicle: http://www.tribtoday.com/page/content.detail/id/576558/Drilling-commences-at-Mahoning-County-well.html?nav=5003

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Cadle - MAHN7AHSU well # API Well Number 34099231840000

Above-ground impoundments of fresh drinking water to be used for
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