Friday, June 8, 2012

We Are Riverdale In This Place I Will Stay

Save Riverdale at night, photo credit:  Wendy Lynn Lee; SEE MORE:

Words from Riverdale - Save Riverdale - at the end of Day Seven, Jersey Shore on the banks of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania - between Williamsport and Lock Haven.

"They can crush our signs but they can't crush the determination behind them." --via twitter

"On Day 7 former landlord may have laid waste to barricades but with mere words & heart we block a pump welder from entering; says he sees the injustice and respects our actions."- -via twitter

"We Have Each Other - "We ARE Riverdale... Please do what you can... SHARE this. Pressure on the Riverdale community has increased -- we need your help immediately if we are to succeed in keeping Aqua out of Riverdale. This morning, the former landlord of the mobile home park arrived onsite and demolished barricades reading "We Will Fight For Our Homes." We have also seen an increase in surveillance from gas industry workers over the last two days. Meanwhile, CNN has caved to pressure from Cabot Oil & Gas and is refusing to air the story of Riverdale. Aqua America expects us to disappear, to wither up. But we have something that the industry never counted on: each other." --via Facebook

"For 7 days, Riverdale Mobile Home Community and our group of volunteers have impeded the construction of a water withdrawal site on the Susquehanna River, in Jersey Shore, PA. In the process, our concept of community has developed, as this community on the frontline and its supporters have come together to creatively meet their needs. This place means more to all of us than we could have possibly imagined. It is a truly rare opportunity to fight for community and environmental rights. None of this would have been possible without support from outside the park, but right now WE NEED PEOPLE ON THE GROUND. Aqua America has increased pressure, and petty attempts at intimidation have begun, as word spreads about the resilience of this community. We are holding strong, but WE NEED YOUR HELP, ASAP!
"If you have one day, or twenty, please come to Riverdale to contribute to this community. Get in touch with us if you’re trying to find rides. We will try to connect you. It’s beautiful here, you should come share it and be a part of preserving this community." --via Facebook

"Residents from Day 6 at #Riverdale, 'stay, keep fighting, and bring more people.... We're here to protect our homes and that river!' " --via Twitter

"Neighbors who work for the gas industry are stopping by to show support for #SaveRiverdale and outrage over the actions of Aqua America." --via Twitter

"The defense of #Riverdale requires more people - friends of the land, friends of laborers" --via Twitter

"#Riverdale facing intimidation, need you here to defend the Susquehanna!" --via Twitter

"#Riverdale resident: 'Stay here and bring more..We don't want Aqua America taking one drop out of that river. That water is for the people.' "  --via Twitter

See More Riverdale photos on FLICKR at

See More Riverdale photos on FLICKR at

Path of destruction left behind by neighboring area resident on a rampage...
...and fresh signage blooming hours later - created from deconstructed home materials left by those forced to abandon their homes. Photo credit: Riverdale SEE MORE at
Frackfree-ers in Ohio take break from meeting to listen to Ohioan giving an account live from Riverdale - he's describing
the beautiful community being created there in the heart of Pennsylvania at the Susquehanna River defense.

                 (4 min)    Residents' stories (Raw Story)
                 (15 min)   Residents Stories (part 6)
                 (8 min)     Background - Residents' in May (part 7)
                 (9 min.)      Background - update now
                 (3 min)    Which Side R U On
                 ( 6 min)   Background - current

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