Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"We don't know what fracking means..."

This afternoon a friend stopped for directions and mentioned fracking and was met with blank stares - none of the several people in the establishment had heard of this word! How can this be? Later in the evening some friends were at a fine diner in Warren and again upon approaching some folks seated nearby, the family had never heard of the word and didn't know what it meant - this was particularly interesting considering the head of the household revealed he worked for V&M Star. Of course, it is not that unusual for a person not to bring their work topics home with them. The waiter then inquired as to what that odd motto "Stop Fracking Ohio" that he'd seen on our coats, meant, he did not have a clue, so we explained. How can it be that this word is so unfamiliar?*
*If gentle reader or anyone they know would like to hear more about this strange word, or would like to ask questions about it consider attending the free forum in Youngstown Ohio on Feb 2, 2012. More info here:

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