Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Not Nice To Frack Your Mother - Earth, that is!

It isn't nice to frack your Ma - Mother Earth, that is! Nor to suspend our newly established Twitter account without a single warning! We've appealed with reasoning, begging *and* pleading to no avail and now we're resorting to the only recourse left to us: blogging about it! Okay, end of whining, and we'll begin a new Frackfree Ma twitterverse - stay tuned for our new @
Meanwhile here's some possible twitter backgrounds, logo backgrounds:

Keep our water and our land clean and frackfree!

Look, Ma - no frack on me!

Frackfree Momma Earth!
Mother Earth, would that she could be forever frackfree!

Check our calendar for any events near you and spread the word:
Or check the fracking Working Group thread at Occupy Youngstown's forum:

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