Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Sunday Lesson Missed On Loving Thy Neighbor and Their Water

UPDATE - read the latest:

On Sunday February 5, an educational rally about the risks of the frack water injection well uphill from the Purple Cat, a day rehabilitation facility for adults with mental and physical disabilities was held in Coitsville, OH. The Purple Cat's Farmer Casey's Ranch with its small lake and its farm of vegetable gardens and animals, and where their clients work and play, is located downhill from the well. (In case anyone passing by on busy Rte. 422 was wondering, the activists were protesting the injection wells present and future and educating about them, they are NOT protesting The Purple Cat!

A mile away gas wells are being drilled and their collection tanks, with the accompanying invisible but constant methane emissions, are being located within yards of homes.

The protest was covered in detail by local television station, WFMJ,

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