Monday, July 4, 2016

July 12, 2016: Public Vigil & Rally - Fracking Waste Concerns in Coitsville, Ohio

July 12, 2016 NOON Tuesday: Public Vigil & Rally near site of Coitsville, Ohio injection well whose status is unknown!
What is going on in our neighborhoods?!
Is moratorium being ignored? Will fracking waste injection begin in Coitsville? Campbell? Vienna? - despite well sites being in known seismic areas anyway?! - this could cause earthquakes!

Rev. Monica Beasley-Martin​, from Defenders of the Earth Outreach Mission​, will lead a prayer service at 12 NOON SHARP!

Just west of 4555 McCartney Rd, Coitsville, OH, 44436
  • Coitsville Township, Mahoning County, Ohio
  • E of Youngstown on 422(McCartney Road)
  • on the right 3 miles past Khalil* injection well (Khalil on the right), just past Palace in the Pines, 1.5 mile before get to PA border 
  • Between Maro Veterinary Service, Lowellville OH, 44436 and Victory Christian Center, 3899 McCartney Rd., Lowellville, OH 44436
EVENT on facebook: Coitsville Injection Well Informational Rally & Protest

Coitsville well info here: [how did permit get transferred to new operator if it was permanently revoked?]

*Campbell (Khalil) well info here: [permit was denied due to active seismic area, so what is going on now?]

North Lima well info [toxic fracking waste being accepted - will injection cause earthquakes? Why does it look like well owners have filed for bankruptcy?]:

Vienna well info here [how can a permit to inject be granted in an area of known seismic activity?!] :

injection wells in Mahoning County Ohio

fluids blowing out of Coitsville, Ohio injection wellfluids spewing out of Coitsville, Ohio injection well

workers on site of Coitsville, Ohio injection well

in background is site of Coitsville, Ohio injection well

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