Friday, October 24, 2014

Ohio Citizens Urged To Rally Behind Bill of Rights Effort in Youngstown - Door-To-Door and Financial Help Requested!

The 2014 Election Day is rapidly approaching and we need your help in passing the Community Bill of Rights Charter Amendment. The Community Bill of Rights asserts our unalienable rights to breathe clean air, drink pure water and exercise local control to ensure a safe and healthy community now and in the future.

We are seeking your help and there are many ways to support the Bill of Rights effort.

In May of 2013, the first time it was on the ballot, the CBR garnered 42% of the vote; in November, it was endorsed by 45% of the voters. Given increased publicity about the hazards of hydraulic fracturing"”to say nothing of the recent spate of earthquakes near Poland, Ohio"”we are quite confident that this time the public is ready to support our right to clean water, clean air, and local control.

Can you help us get the Youngstown Community Bill of Rights passed? We want to finance a direct mail campaign that will cost about $5,000. Two small billboards will total $1,500"“$1,800 dollars for the month remaining before the election. And much-needed radio time, to be effective, would start at $500. During the last election, our opponents spent over $81,000 against the initiative; our treasury"”built with small donations and bake sale proceeds"”stands at about $1500.

Please consider supporting the hard work that the FrackFree Mahoning Valley activists have been doing and will continue to do until this charter amendment is passed. No one in the group is paid for any of the countless hours they have spent gathering information, knocking on doors, talking to citizens, educating the public about the issue, designing literature, etc.

Any amount would be helpful, of course, but we are asking you to dig deep and help us get this done.

Please visit our two websites, and, both of which have been developed and are maintained completely by volunteers.

We hope you share our conviction that allowing fracking and injection wells in the city of Youngstown would be a monumental mistake, and that the only way we can protect Meander Reservoir, Mill Creek Park, and the city itself from this real threat is to pass the Community Bill of Rights on Nov 4, 2014.

Checks can be made out to the Community Bill of Rights Committee and sent to PO Box 43, Youngstown, OH 44501.

Thank you for your support.

Please contact Protect Youngstown NOW thru Nov. 3rd and Help the #Youngstown ballot initiative (ISSUE #4 Community Bill of Rights) get a YES! vote on November 4! ~ Can help immediately - need not be a Youngstown resident - call 234-201-0402 or email: to arrange your canvassing/ flyer-ring hours and get your list of confirmed addresses and map. This is NOT cold-calling - these are known confirmed individually addressed voters.

Help Phone Bank NOW!
Call for phone number lists:

READ MORE on how to help:

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