Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Life You Save May Be Your Own - Youngstown To Vote YES May 7



  1. As a landowner in Youngstown I object to your attempt to literally steal money from me and to presume to dictate how I should use my land. You are attempting to create rights that do not exist and have never been established in law, and you are promising to replace the supposed harm created by fracking with the harm that will be created by chasing away economic development.

    Yes money is always at the core of everything we do, including those who signed your petition. Who reading this would be willing to give up their personal profit (their paycheck, their SSI check, their welfare, unemployment etc.)? Nobody would. So why is the pursuit of profit by a group of individuals organized as a corporation wrong while the pursuit of profit individually right?

  2. As a homeowner in the City, I have the right to protect my property value.

    In areas of the country where drilling has increased, property values are adversely affected.
    Property values are already depressed in our City, and drilling will only keep them from rebounding. Shouldn't We the People have a say in what path we want our community to be on?

    Nationwide Insurance has refused to grant home policies, and many banks are now renegotiating or simply rejecting new mortgages in drilling areas. And it's only common sense - after all, who would take a chance insuring or granting a loan on a home adjacent to these dangerous drilling installations? Who would risk buying or renting a home anywhere near an earthquake-causing waste well?

    We wouldn't dare allow a dynamite factory to be sited next to our homes, schools, parks, or churches, yet that is exactly what a drilling company can do with a drilling pad or a waste well ever since the power to zone this industry was taken away from us. The Youngstown Community Bill of Rights restores local control to our community. And that's why I'm voting FOR the Bill.

    Like you said, "money is always at the core of everything we do...", and so I have a right to protect my investment.

    [signed] George in Youngstown, member of Frackfree Mahoning Valley

  3. The point is to retrieve the control that was removed by 2 bills passed in 2004 - this is an attempt to *restore* fundamental rights. We are currently living under an unconstitutional law which is removing our rights. Naysayers are somehow blindly assuming we are living under current fair laws.
    READ all the gory details here - it's very good:

    "House Bills 278 and 299 in September 2004 known as the urbanized drilling laws, gave the DMRM sole and exclusive authority for the regulation of permitting, drilling and production in Ohio. As a result, permit applications in designated urbanized areas have accounted for 25% of all drilling permits. Many of these permits are comprised of small tracts of land and mandatory pooling is requested when an operator is unable to acquire the leases to meet the necessary acreage and/or distance requirements -- i.e when they driller is unable to drill safely and responsibly he does it this way."