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Loud and Getting Louder In The Promised Land - No More So Than In Youngstown, Ohio

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Local “Promised Land” Movie Extras and Concerned Citizens of Anti-Fracking Group, Frackfree America National Coalition (based in Youngstown, Ohio), Plan to Attend a Friday, January 4, 2013 showing of Matt Damon’s “Promised Land” movie in a Boardman, Ohio Theater

Youngstown, Ohio-1/2/13 - As the clock on the Frackfree America National Coalition website counts down to the big day – January 4, 2013 – the opening of Matt Damon’s and John Krasinski’s “Promised Land” in movie theaters nationwide, a group of concerned citizens of Frackfree America National Coalition who oppose fracking, along with local residents who were actually filmed as “Promised Land” extras, are planning to attend the 2 PM showing of the movie at the Regal Cinema South 10 theater at 7420 South Avenue in Boardman, Ohio, on Friday, January 4, 2012.
(Detailed plans for Friday’s trip to the movies can be found on the homepage at:  ).
Patti Gorcheff, a “Promised Land” movie extra and local fracking opponent who will be attending the movie on Friday, said:
“Being on the “Promised Land” movie set in the Pittsburgh area around June of 2012 was very exciting and a new experience for me and my family.  We got to speak with Matt Damon briefly. It was also a very moving experience because, for me, this wasn’t solely a fictional movie. It was about experiences similar to what I’m going through right now living near a proposed fracking waste injection well and living near farms that have already leased.  We don’t want any more earthquakes or other problems.  I’m optimistic, though. I hope this movie inspires people to really research the problems associated with fracking and related processes and to take a stand. I can’t wait to see how the movie came out.”
Patti Gorcheff, her husband David Gorcheff, and their daughter Kelsey appear in the “Promised Land” movie trailer that is airing nationally. David Gorcheff will also attend the movie on January 4th.
Another theme in “Promised Land,” according to the movie trailer, is a vote that residents of the fictional town of McKinley are taking to determine whether or not they, as a community, want to lease their land for gas drilling.
In a real-life scenario reminiscent of the fictional vote in the movie, Frackfree America says a Community Bill of Rights initiative is underway right now in Youngstown, Ohio.  Concerned citizens say they want to put the fracking issue to a vote and get back local control for the community to protect their water, air, and land.
Concerned citizens are seeking signatures of Youngstown residents to get the issue put on the local ballot that would enable voters to say whether or not they want to take back local control in Youngstown.  Frackfree America National Coalition has information on their website ( ) that informs any Youngstown resident who wants to sign the petition where they can go to sign it.
Frackfree America has been eagerly anticipating this January 4th opening day saying they hope the national dialogue that they have been calling for to highlight the many risks of fracking and related processes to public health and safety will finally strongly take hold.  They are especially pleased that Matt Damon has said that he would like his film to start a conversation.
In an effort to help promote a national conversation, Frackfree America has been calling attention to the “Promised Land” movie and held a very successful “March to the Promised Land Rally” on Dec. 28, 2012 in Youngstown. Some rally attendees drove hours to show their support for the cause – even with lots of snow on the ground and cold weather. 
The rally keynote speaker was Douglas Shields, featured in “Gasland” filmmaker Josh Fox's film "The Sky is Pink" and former Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania City Council President, who in 2010 sponsored and secured the first ban of shale gas extraction drilling in the city of Pittsburgh.  Attending the rally were families, mothers, fathers, children, men, and women - a true cross-section of American citizens.  We thank them all.
Youngstown, Ohio (AP):
“Drilling opponents plan rally in northeast Ohio,” December 28, 2012.
See WYTV 33 News video and article, “Drilling Opponents Hold Rally in Youngstown,” December 28, 2012:

 Frackfree America hopes that other groups nationwide will create their own similar rallies to help keep the new conversation started by Damon and Krasinski going and getting louder.
Frackfree America says Matt Damon and John Krasinski deserve kudos and thanks for helping to raise the level of necessary national dialogue about how we, as American citizens, want our communities to be.
The group encourages others to view “Promised Land” when it comes to their area theaters.
Movie extras will be available to give media their take on the movie “Promised Land” that they will be viewing for the first time.
For more information, please see a previous press release (12/26/12)  RE: “March to the Promised Land Rally”:

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