Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Youngstown City, effective stewards? "The life you save may be your own, or your loved ones."

Youngstown, Ohio, residents testify 2 days to preserve clean Mahoning Valley watershed, this is from Rev. Beasley-Martin,

"For most of my life I have lived within the city limits of Youngstown, Ohio. Eight years ago, my family and I, became concerned about my mother, a Liberty Twp. resident's, ability to drive.We made the difficult decision to also move to Liberty, to better assist her. I made sure we remained as close to Youngstown as possible. We are only 2 streets over from the Stambaugh Golf Course, The Jewish Community Center, and Northside Hospital. What we originally thought was an excellent location is now looking like a potentially deadly one. Our neighbors at the Jewish Community Center have already sold their mineral rights, and if city council approves fracking on public land, the golf course could be next. We will be at a higher risk for spills and blowouts. Nationwide, which is my insurance company, has already stated that they will NOT cover ANY damages connected to hydraulic fracturing. We still owe a substantial mortgage on our house, so if our insurance were cancelled, our loan would be due in full. To make a bad situation even worse, according to Deborah Cowden, MD., residents within a 1/2 mile of active drilling are at a substantial higher risk for respiratory issues, cancer, and other serious ailments. The.more well pads that there are the greater the risk. Part of the mission statement for Youngstown City reads that you are to be effective stewards of public resources while representing the values of our diverse community. Please take this into consideration, as you prepare to cast your vote, as to whether, or not, hydraulic fracturing will be allowed on city property. The life you save may be your own, or your loved ones. ~~ Thank-you, ~~ Rev. Monica Beasley-Martin, Defenders of the Earth Outreach Mission "

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