Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Join over 1,000 others, including Josh Fox and Bill McKibben in Columbus June 14th-17th

Rumble In The Heartland This Father's Day - A Day For Fathers To Gird Their Loins And Protect ALL Children

Someone's running scared and it is not the citizens standing straight and tall and loud for clean air, water, land, and the lives of their children this Father's Day 2012 in Columbus, Ohio, in the heartland of the country....the gas industry lobbyists would like to show you and me a movie? ... a movie?!? .... someone help us stop laughing ourselves to death...!

 On June 17th Ohio will be at the epicenter of another earthquake - this time, a people-powered quake that will shake the oil and gas industry. The earthquake is an action called Don't Frack Ohio, and we're planning to take over the Ohio statehouse and pass a people's bill to protect our state from the oil and gas industry.

Already over 1000 people are signed up to be there from states all across the country, and we'll be joined by Bill McKibben of and Josh Fox, the director of Gasland. Gov. Kasich and the State Assembly just passed one of the worst fracking bills in the country, and we need to show them that there will consequences for selling out our state.

The oil and gas industry put millions of dollars into the pockets of politicians to make this bill happen. We don't have that kind of money, so we need to use people power to show them our state is not for sale.

The action is on the 17th, but there are big plans for the 14th-16th as well. That's when we'll be meeting up for a series of trainings and strategy sessions to plan and build the movement we need to stop the fracking industry in Ohio. We'll be getting trainings in non-violent direct action, media strategy and skills, and how to mobilize our communities to win this fight.

We're really hoping you can join us for this exciting event. With the drills on their way to turn Ohio into the fracking capital of the midwest, time is of the essence, and this is a perfect opportunity to tell Gov. Kasich that we won't accept his style of sellouts any longer.

Click here to sign up for the action:

See you in Columbus soon,

-Josh Fox, Mark Ruffalo,, NEOGAP, Frackfree Mahoning Valley, and the supporters of Don't Frack Ohio

Mark Ruffalo Public Service Announcement -
Don't Frack OH - June 17, 2012

From the /Ohio page:
Mark Ruffalo isn’t just the Hulk, a giant green rage-monster that smashes everything in his path. He’s also a deeply committed fracking activist who is REALLY EXCITED about building a renewable energy economy.
That’s why it’s a no-brainer for Water Defense, the organization Mark co-founded to fight for a green economy, to sign on to Don’t Frack Ohio, which is shaping up to be the largest anti-fracking mobilization in American history.
Natural gas is a dangerous bridge to nowhere that needlessly delays our transition to a green economy. Every dollar and day we sink into fracking is a total, foolish waste. We already have the technology, scientific expertise, and entrepreneurial grit to run our country on 100 percent solar, wind and water power – all we’re missing is the political will.
Fortunately, like Mark says, there’s something big brewing in towns and cities across America. People everywhere are demanding that their elected officials stand up to the fossil fuel industry and put our communities ahead of corporate profits. When we fill the Ohio State Capitol on June 17th, it won’t just be to end fracking in Ohio’s back yard, or Pennsylvania’s backyard, or New York’s bachyard. It’ll be to end fracking in everybody’s backyard.
I hope to see you on June 17th in Columbus. This is a battle we can’t afford to sit out.

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