Monday, April 16, 2012

Hundreds of Acres NE Ohio Saved by Frackfree Group Shutting Down BP party

UPDATE::: VIDEO RELEASED: Activists Convene in Greenford, Ohio To Defend The Land,  The Water and Farmers

The Nation magazine places Occupy Youngstown, Occupy Warren, Occupy Cleveland Frackfree-ers on their Monday  Blog Timeline at "The OccupyUSA Blog for Monday (April 16), With Frequent Updates", by Greg Mitchell:
9:15  Three arrested in Youngstown, OH as OWSers apparently join in protest at school where residents sign hundreds of gas/fracking leases with good old BP. ...
 Press conference scheduled for 1:30pm, April 16, Mahoning County jail, downtown Youngstown, Ohio.

“We’re showing that arresting us won’t make the problem go away. We won’t stop and we won’t allow the real criminals like BP to destroy Ohio like they did the Gulf coast. Safe fracking is a myth,” said Annie Lukins, one of the protestors. from: Activists Released on Bail After Protesting BP’s Fracking Lease Event

MORE stories here:
Activists Shut down BP lease signing party: hundreds of acres saved!

Three Arrested at Fracking Protest

UPDATE: 2 of 3 activists held on $3,500 bail.

Protesters Cause Havoc at BP Lease Signing Event

Protesters Cause Havoc at BP Lease Signing Event - 3 protesters are arrested in Greenford

If interesting in assisting in the continuation of the fight for clean water, Jonathan and Jeremy have a combined $3,500 bail. Donate Online to the revolving bail fund. This will help the continuing work of OhioFracktion

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