Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Frackfree Mahoning Valley (FMV) Will Hold A Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 1:15 PM Press Conference in Youngstown’s Mill Creek Park To React to Comments Made By Ohio Department of Natural Resources Officials Regarding Utica Shale Fracking, And To Present Recently Received Troubling Documents Regarding Spills in Mahoning County

 Youngstown, Ohio, April 25, 2016 – Concerned citizens of Frackfree Mahoning Valley (FMV) will hold a press conference in Youngstown, Ohio, on the public sidewalk in front of Mill Creek Park’s “D.D. and Velma Davis Education & Visitor Center” in Fellows Riverside Gardens on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, at 1:15 PM, to give their reaction to statements made by Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) officials at an event to be held at Mill Creek Park on Tuesday. (The address of Fellows Riverside Gardens is 123 McKinley Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio, 44509.)
       At their press conference, FMV will distribute and discuss troubling, newly received Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) well inspection documents.  Speakers will provide recent information and concerns about local fracking waste injection wells and the potential for more injection-well related, man-made earthquakes and their risks to public health, safety and well-being.
       Teresa Mills of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) recently received the ODNR documents (copies of which will be distributed at the press conference) as part of an Ohio Open Records request.   
       According to the Vindicator, ODNR Chief Simmers will address “… recent advancements in the regulation and production of the Utica Shale.”  (Vindicator, 4/10/16, “ODNR official at event”)
       Frackfree Mahoning Valley says ODNR promotes unconventional fracking, a process which results in the constant creation of millions of gallons of toxic fracking waste. There is no good or safe solution to the problem of where all of this waste will go.  This enormous waste problem cannot be ignored especially considering our local history of negative impacts that have already occurred in Youngstown and the surrounding area. FMV points out that we are situated in an area of known seismic activity, therefore, injection wells must be stopped. 

        On Tuesday, FMV will call for ODNR to deny an injection permit for a recently drilled Vienna injection well near a family home and the Youngstown-Warren Regional airport. The group says two Weathersfield/Niles injection wells already linked to earthquakes must remain shut down. 
       Frackfree Mahoning Valley says that they do not have confidence in ODNR fracking or injection well regulations, especially in light of local and national spills, man-made earthquakes, and air, water, and soil pollution. They do not trust so-called “advancements” in regulations to protect public health, safety, and well-being, since, even though there were allegedly “strict” regulations already in place, they failed to prevent the 2015 Vienna injection well fiasco where extensive water contamination still occurred despite rules and regulations.  
       Furthermore, local fracking and injection well – related earthquakes still occurred with regulations already in place. Regulations failed to prevent man-made earthquakes in Weathersfield/Niles, Youngstown, and Poland Township. FMV wonders whether the injection wells in North Lima, also too near homes, will be the next to trigger earthquakes.  Obviously, earthquakes cannot be regulated. It is wrong for regulators to pretend that they can control earthquakes. Injection must stop.
        FMV says the unprecedented increase in induced seismicity in Oklahoma could be a preview of what might happen locally if Ohio regulators stay on their current path, i.e., permitting more and more injection wells, which is making Ohio essentially a toxic fracking waste dump and risking more water contamination and earthquakes. This is unacceptable.
       Geologist Ray Beiersdorfer, Ph.D., Professor of Geology at Youngstown State University, will give a brief statement at the press conference and address any media questions. Concerned citizens of Mahoning County and Vienna, Ohio, will give brief presentations and be available for any media questions afterward.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Deny Permit: Ohio Fracking Waste Injection Well Close To Area of Seismic Activity; Free Showing of Oklahoma Shakedown at February 12 Youngstown Townhall

Frackfree Mahoning Valley                                 News Release
Buckeye Forest Council
For Immediate Release:  February 9, 2016
Contact: Jane Spies:  phone: 330-619-0730   or   234-201-0402
Teresa Mills: phone: 614-539-1471
Susie Beiersdorfer:  phone: 330-881-1050 or 234-201-0402
Frackfree Mahoning Valley and Buckeye Forest Council release new information, call for the injection wells near fracking waste-related earthquake epicenters in Weathersfield/Niles to remain closed, and call for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to deny an injection permit for a newly drilled Vienna airport area injection well near family homes saying the well is close to an “area of known seismic activity”:
Frackfree Mahoning Valley will hold rallies at two local injection wells on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, and host a Friday, February 12, 2016 “Film Night and Town Hall – Style Meeting” on why these injection wells and others must stop. Both the film screening of “Oklahoma Shakedown” and town hall will be held on Friday, February 12, 2016 at 7 PM to 9 PM, at The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown, located at 1105 Elm St., Youngstown, Ohio. (Elm & Illinois.)

Youngstown, Ohio, February 9, 2016 –  Frackfree Mahoning Valley has learned, as of February 9, 2016, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has not yet given permission for fracking waste injection to begin at a newly drilled injection well located in Vienna, Ohio, near family homes and the airport. This new information came to Frackfree Mahoning Valley from Teresa Mills of Buckeye Forest Council, who received it as a result of a public records request.
        Teresa Mills also uncovered, via a public records request dated January 29, 2016, that it seems that Oklahoma-based KTCA Holdings LLC is the new owner of the airport-area Vienna injection well, previously listed as owned by KDA. KDA’s Vienna, Ohio injection well operation is associated with an April, 2015 toxic waste release that resulted in destruction of two wetlands and other adverse impacts.
       Saying that the injection well is close to an “ area of known seismic activity,” Buckeye Forest Council and Frackfree Mahoning Valley are calling for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to deny the injection permit for the Vienna, Ohio injection well near Vienna residences. The groups are also calling for two Weathersfield/ Niles injection wells to remain closed. One of these wells has been linked in news reports and a scientific study with man-made earthquakes.
       “One huge problem is that it’s not known where some faults lie until they are activated and an earthquake occurs.  Then it’s too late.  Drilling and injecting into injection wells is essentially gambling with the public health and safety, drinking water integrity, and the well-being of the community. That is unacceptable. It’s egregious, actually. The “Findings, Conclusions and Order of the [Oil & Gas] Commission” that ruled on the AWMS injection well said with regard to seismicity, geophysics, and injection operations that ‘… to a certain extent both the industry and the Division are ‘working with their eyes closed.’ [p. 12, 8/12/15] ODNR must deny the permit to inject in order to protect the public health and safety and stay consistent with its other decisions.  It’s too high risk for man-made earthquakes and drinking water contamination, “said Teresa Mills of Buckeye Forest Council.
        The groups say that ODNR should never have permitted the Vienna, Ohio well to be drilled in the first place, considering ODNR’s previous Order by the Chief (9/24/14) that denied a toxic waste injection permit at the Khalil #3 injection well, in east Youngstown, Mahoning County finding it is “located in close proximity to an area of known seismic activity.”  
        The new Vienna well is only 6.7 miles from the AWMS injection well in Weathersfield/ Niles that ODNR ordered to be closed due to seismic activity.  The Vienna well is only 8.6 miles from the Northstar 1 injection well, site of the now-famous 4.0 magnitude induced quake that ODNR also shut down.  It is 16.9 miles from the man-made earthquake site in Poland Township, Ohio. Therefore, the groups believe that the Vienna, Ohio well is also close to “an area of known seismic activity,” and it must be stopped by ODNR.  (See map below).
       Furthermore, Mills found that the Vienna well in question is of similar depth to those mentioned in ODNR’s previous decisions. From what the groups can gather, the wells use very similar operations to those that have been shut down or denied a permit to inject in Youngstown and Weathersfield/ Niles.  If ODNR is to remain consistent with its previous decisions regarding Khalil and the American Water Management Services (AWMS) well, they must deny this permit to inject.  (Links to the Khalil and AWMS decisions are below).
        Frackfree Mahoning Valley will rally at two local injection well sites on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 to call for them to remain closed or denied a permit to inject. Frackfree Mahoning Valley will gather at the Weathersfield/ Niles injection well on public property starting at 1:15 PM at the Weathersfield/Niles injection well near 1745 N. Main Street, Niles, Ohio. The group will then move to public property adjacent to the Vienna, Ohio injection well on State Route 193 near the Youngstown – Warren Regional Airport for a rally that will begin at 2:15 PM.(EVENT on facebook:
       On February 12th, Frackfree Mahoning Valley is showing an Oklahoma earthquake documentary film titled “Oklahoma Shakedown” in part to illustrate how the enormous problems associated with fracking, earthquakes, and injection/disposal wells across the states are similar.  Now we learn we have an Oklahoma-based company seeking to operate in Vienna.  This just serves as an example of how states are tied together in this. We believe it will be beneficial to share information to help get this stopped locally and nationwide,” said Susie Beiersdorfer of Frackfree Mahoning Valley.
       “Oklahoma Shakedown” – a timely, compelling, must-see film by Taylor Mullins about man-made earthquakes (induced seismicity) related to injection or disposal wells in Oklahoma - will be shown on Friday, February 12, 2016 at the Frackfree Mahoning Valley “Film Night” town hall - style meeting at 7 PM to 9 PM at The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown, located at 1105 Elm St., Youngstown, Ohio. (Elm & Illinois)  (EVENT on facebook )

        The film screening is free and open to the public. All media, elected and appointed officials, and the general public are invited to attend this very important event.

       Please view the very timely and compelling “Oklahoma Shakedown” movie trailer here: 
       The groups say, to truly protect public health and safety, the only real solution to the injection/disposal well problems, including water contamination and man-made earthquakes is to stop the injection wells and to quit producing billions of gallons of fracking waste that has to be “disposed” of somewhere. There is no good or safe solution to this major problem.  The groups say they do not consent to being used as human experimental subjects while “regulators” or companies try to control injection well-related earthquakes. It’s not working.  It cannot work. Earthquakes cannot be regulated. The groups say it is reckless and immoral to place these operations in our neighborhoods, especially with the known dangers and the long list of unknowns, such as:  Will a large earthquake be triggered or drinking water polluted?

       For more information, see the January 21, 2016 news release titled “Buckeye Forest Council and Frackfree Mahoning Valley Release a Joint Statement Saying State Representatives Sean O’Brien, Michael O’Brien, and John Patterson’s Injection Well Bill (HB 422) Won’t Work To Protect Public Health And Safety:  Groups Say The Bill Ignores The Seriousness Of The Fracking Waste-related, Man-made Earthquake Issue and Resulting Threats To Drinking Water and Property Values. “:    

       PDF uploaded document:  RE: Northstar Kahlil #3 Well – Mahoning County; Ohio Department of Natural Resources, ORDER BY THE CHIEF, September 24, 2014,  “Denial of Permit to Inject Brine or Other Waste Substances pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 1509.22:

        PDF uploaded document: “Before the Oil & Gas Commission,” American Water Management Services, LLC  vs Division of Oil & Gas Resources Management; Appeal Nos. 889 & 890, Review of Chief’s Orders 2014-372 & 2014 – 374 (AWMS #2 Well); FINDINGS, CONCLUSIONS AND ORDER OF THE COMMISSION, Date Issued: August 12, 2015:

       Map of Vienna, Ohio and other local injection wells. Map was created by Teresa Mills of Buckeye Forest Council on February 9, 2016:

For media inquiries or for more information:
e-mail Frackfree Mahoning Valley at
or call: 234-201-0402
e-mail Buckeye Forest Council at
or call: 614-539-1471


click image to view larger map of distances to seismically active areas (due to well activity) near Vienna, OH where the former KDA injection well is now owned by KTCA of OK

map of Seismically active areas near Vienna, OH former KDA injection well now owned by KTCA of OK
Distances to seismically active areas (due to well activity) near Vienna, OH where the former KDA injection well is now owned by KTCA of OK

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fracking Waste Bill HB 422 Won't Work To Protect Public Health and Safety from Hazards of Injection Wells

Buckeye Forest Council and Frackfree Mahoning Valley Release a Joint Statement Saying State Representatives Sean O’Brien, Michael O’Brien, and John Patterson’s Injection Well Bill (HB 422) Won’t Work To Protect Public Health And Safety:  Groups Say The Bill Ignores The Seriousness Of The Fracking Waste-related, Man-made Earthquake Issue and Resulting Threats To Drinking Water and Property Values.

Youngstown, Ohio, January 21, 2016 - Buckeye Forest Council and Frackfree Mahoning Valley released the following January 21, 2016 statement regarding HB 422:
       HB 422, an injection well “regulation” bill sponsored by State Representatives Sean O’Brien, Michael O’Brien, and John Patterson will not work to protect public health and safety of Ohio communities.  HB 422 ignores science and the seriousness of Ohio’s fracking waste – related, man-made earthquake issue and resulting threats to drinking water and property values.  Toxic waste spills and releases are far too numerous locally or nationwide.
       The April 2015toxic waste release in Vienna, Ohio, three fracking waste spills in Torch, Ohio, the intentional dumping of fracking waste into the Mahoning River, and injection well – related earthquakes in Mahoning County, Trumbull County, and Ashtabula County were not prevented by increased or so-called “strict” regulations. Earthquakes cannot be regulated. 
       “The bill makes reference to not placing wells near known fault lines. At first glance, that may sound good to some people. Not knowing where the fault lines are in Ohio renders this null and void.  None of the fault lines in Ohio that were associated with the man-made earthquakes were known faults until the quakes happened,” said Teresa Mills of Buckeye ForestCouncil.
       “Ohio is becoming a toxic waste dump. No state or area should be.  If HB 422 passes, it will simply enable more out-of-state and in-state toxic fracking waste to be injected under Ohio by offering false assurances that injection or disposal wells can be made safe by mere regulations.  Ohio cannot afford to allow false assurances to rule the day,” said Susie Beiersdorfer of FrackfreeMahoning Valley.
       HB 422 won’t stop nine billion gallons of clean Ohio water from being turned into toxic waste. The bill won’t stop billions of gallons of toxic waste fluids from being pumped into the ground beneath Ohioan’s feet.
       Based upon experience and scientific findings, our position is that injection of toxic fracking waste is an inherently unsafe, ultrahazardous method of handling billions of gallons of toxic fracking waste that is constantly being created.  There is no safe or good solution to where to put all this waste or how to handle it in a way that safeguards public health and safety. A major reason for using injection wells to dispose of toxic fracking waste is the low disposal cost to the industry. We reject this reasoning because the public’s health and safety must come first.
       We are not lawyers, but we believe that operation of an injection well is not a legitimate business activity. We believe that it is a current and “imminent danger to the public health or safety,” or the environment. (The latter references similar words in Ohio law.)
       Politicians sponsoring HB 422 must consider the simple truth that one cannot regulate something that is by nature unsafe and make it safe. It’s that fundamental. They and their allies should stop pretending that it’s possible to do so. This fallacy is causing danger and harm to people and communities.
       Just as we, as a society in the interests of protecting public health and safety, abandoned and outlawed the use of asbestos, leaded gasoline, and lead paint, we must realize that injection of toxic fracking waste must be treated the same way.  The risk of great harm from this practice is unacceptable and too high a price to pay. Society cannot achieve a so-called “balance” with the use of asbestos, leaded gasoline, or lead paint. Science and good public policy have found their use simply unsafe, as injection of fracking waste will be - and the sooner, the better, in our opinion.
       Injection wells entail unacceptable costs in terms of public health and safety, property values, property rights, and social costs of losing our democratic rights.  Risking potential adverse effects from surface spills on our drinking water supply or small, repeated earthquakes on our aging infrastructure such as gas lines, water lines, or sewage lines is unacceptable.
       Drop this bill. The only real solution to the injection well and fracking waste problem is to stop injection wells and to stop producing billions of gallons of toxic waste fluids. We cannot permit politicians or bureaucrats to pretend that human beings can “regulate” earthquakes or can “regulate” an inherently unsafe process and magically make it safe. It makes no common sense.
       Passing HB 422 is not a legitimate solution. It is part of the problem.
For media inquiries or more information, contact:
Buckeye Forest Council at: 614-539-1471 or or
Frackfree Mahoning Valley at: or call:  234-201-0402
Buckeye Forest Council:
Frackfree Mahoning Valley:  

                                                                     # # #

Monday, December 7, 2015

Citizen Urges Youngstown OH City Council: Step Up! Protect The People From Next Toxic Fracking Disaster!

Address to Youngstown (Ohio) City Council,  December 2, 2015
 Watch/Listen to VIDEO here if it doesn't load:

After speaking at a county commissioners meeting I asked Carol Rimedio-Righetti why she and Anthony Traficanti and then county commissioner John McNally signed off on the permits for the D & L injection well (that we now know caused all the earthquakes and whose owner went to jail for dumping toxic, radioactive fracking waste into the Mahoning River.) She replied that Lupo LIED to them about what kind of well it was, and THEY did not know WHAT he was going to be injecting into it.  I said: “WOULDN’T YOU RESEARCH SOMETHING LIKE THAT BEFORE YOU PERMITTED IT!?”

Most big money business deals in Youngstown are behind-closed-door ne­gotiations involving our elected and appointed officials and corporations.  Many times citizens find out long afterwards what our elected and appoint­ed officials have done “business-wise”. Many times the ONLY WAY THEY FIND OUT  is by obtaining public records under the Ohio Sunshine Laws. Public records have consistently revealed that our elected and appointed officials have represented CORPORATE INTERESTS instead of REPRE­SENTING THE PEOPLE.
These records have revealed among other things that our county commis­sioners signed off on fracking wells to be drilled in our protected drinking water watershed of the Meander Reservoir.

More public records reveal they per­mitted CNX Gas Co., LLC to drill the Cadle well even though at that time they had 148 environmental violations in Pennsylvania relating to fracking waste spills. An alert citizen, reading public records found that  this fracking well, located on Blott Road in North Jackson, had a casing (pipe) split AS SOON AS IT WAS DRILLED and HALLIBURTON came up from Texas to cement it shut.

Public records reveal the same county commissioners authorized the sale of 8,250,000 gallons of our MVSD water to frack this well. Former Mayor Sammarone had a billboard installed on West Avenue in front of the water department stating a Maintenance and Storage facility was being built. The public records show that $62,000 was spent to build an overhead filling station for fracking tanker trucks at the same time. Pub­lic records show millions of gallons of our MVSD water being sold by our Board of Control (at that time Mayor Sammarone, Finance Dir. Bozanich and Law Dir. Farris) to fracking businesses including tanker cleaning companies associated with D & L.

Mike Ray was appointed by Mrs. Rimedio-Righetti to be the 4th ward coun­cilperson when she became commissioner. Mr. Ray works part time for American Electric Power and is the chairman of the Public Utilities Committee for the Youngstown City Council. American Electric Power owns fracking pipelines throughout the United States. Councilman Ray was the organizer of the January 12, 2012 public hearing at the Cov­elli Center where the Ohio Department of Natural Resources stated that the D & L injection well had NOTHING TO DO WITH the earthquakes we had in Youngstown throughout 2011, which we now know is totally false.

State Representative Joe Schiavoni came to the Youngstown City Council and spoke in favor of fracking, saying that it would bring jobs to Youngstown, and also made robocalls against the citizen ballot initiative to protect our drinking water, The Youngstown Community Bill of Rights. His father, Louis, as a Mill Creek Park Commissioner approved Sunoco Logistics, LLC putting a fracking product pipeline underneath sections of Mill Creek Park on the way to the cryogenic plant at New Middletown and State Line Road.


Now Youngstown is receiving the Marcellus drilling wastes from Pennsyl­vania which are radioactive and potentially threaten human health, as the expert from the Ohio State University, Dr. Julie Weatherington-Rice, has emphasized in her seminars at YSU. Along Ohio Works Drive and on the banks of the Mahoning River, IWC/Groundtech is doing frackimg waste treatment which includes evaporating the liquids and down-blending radioactive solids into dirt. The nuclear indus­try has deemed this too dangerous to do, and declared it illegal. Kasich calls this downblended dirt a beneficial material in our Ohio state budget. This radioactive waste is put into roll-off dumpsters and trucked through our city, down Rte. 680, and dumped in the Poland landfill.

The Marcellus residual waste trucks are on all of our highways here, on their way to injection wells in Vienna, Niles and Warren. There are now many busi­nesses that have “popped up all over town” that mostly operate at night cleaning fracking waste tankers, venting to the atmosphere toxic chemicals and using vacuum trucks to suck out the partial solids and liquid waste. We have NO inspectors making sure all of this dangerous waste is dis­posed of correctly. The Kleese injection well leaked in Vienna and was NOT reported, the fracking wastewater killed all fish and wildlife in a wet­lands and a pond. From those spill reports we NOW KNOW what the toxic fracking chemicals being injected are (click to enlarge):

list fracking chemicals found in Vienna, Ohio, spill
ALL are cancer-causing and this list is not detailing the radioactive elements.

It is NOT ACCEPTABLE that Youngstown serves as the WASTE DUMP of the Pennsylvania Marcellus fracking industry!

The PEOPLE’S RIGHT to health and safety in OUR own community is greater than any fracking CORPORATION’s right to plunder our resources & POLLUTE to make PROFIT.

ALL of us can UNITE to fight back and get rid of the illegal state laws that Kasich let the frackimg industry write and get passed. All Ohio law comes from localities UPWARD. Change the “business as usual” before we are the next big fracking disaster!

1) D&L Northstar One earthquakes
1b) D&L Northstar One earthquakes

2) D&L dumping

3) Halcon (Cadle well) pipe break


5) Youngstown earthquake hearing, Jan. 2012

6) Community Bill of Rights

7) Pipeline in Millcreek Metropark


8) Dr. Julie Weatherington-Rice, radioactivity

9) Radioactive waste

10) Tank cleaners

10b) wastewater tanks

11) Warren, Ohio, KDA injection wells(3)

12) KDA injection well dumping

12b) Vienna fracking waste dumping

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Youngstown Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste and Earthquakes: A National Day of Action

You are invited to join us at one or more of these toxic hotspots Tuesday November 17 - it is part of a National Day of Action “Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste and Earthquakes" going on across the country.
#1) 12:30 PM to approximately 1:10 PM - AWMS Niles/Weathersfield injection well on N. Main Street, Niles, Ohio 44446

#2) 1:30 PM to 1:45 PM - New injection well being drilled on Hwy 193 near the Airport in Vienna, Ohio 44473

#3) 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM – KDA injection well – Sodom Hutchings Road, Vienna, Ohio 44473

#4) 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM –Iron Eagle Enterprises, Inc. 4991 Belmont Ave. Liberty, Ohio 44505 (at Amhurst Rd.).

#5) 5:00 PM –  “Five minutes with the Mayor, “ John McNally, Youngstown, Ohio 44503

Event on facebook:

This is one of the many "actions" for National Day of Action “Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste and Earthquakes”.

READ MORE ABOUT Day of Action:
On November 17, communities across America will hold various events and actions to shine a light on the problems associated with toxic #fracking waste and its disposal. Events are scheduled in at least 15 Ohio counties. To attend an event in your area, contact Frackfree America National Coalition at (234) 201-8007 or

Is your town listed?

News Release